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Happenings In PDX | Tanner Goods Opens a New Flagship

Nicole Schultz

The end of summer was full to say the least. It felt like every spare moment was spent running to some show, hosting friends from San Francisco, showing them around Portland and seeing all that the city had to offer. Which is just how I like it. There certainly was no shortage of fun to be had. 

One such evening was spent celebrating the opening of the new Tanner Goods flagship store in the Mississippi/Albina area. They hosted a night of cocktails, vinyl classics and conversation to break in their new locale—a breathtaking storefront that features the latest from the beloved Portland brand, and leads to the Wayback, a cafe and bar with a sprawling patio for mingling and taking a load off. 

I couldn’t help but feel like I was transported to Palm Springs or Los Angeles, given the mid-century inspired decor, and the fashionable attendees.

As was expected, gorgeous products from Tanner Goods, Wood Lands, and Mazama ceramics were at every turn, all featuring a minimal, northwest aesthetic we've come to associate with these brands. All products display a certain amount of craftsmanship and care, which, of course, does not come cheap. 

The Wayback dishes up sandwiches and snacks to compliment craft cocktails, craft beer and wine on tap. While they’re currently only open until 8pm every night, there is talk of extending hours in the future. 

Vinyl will be spinning every evening from 5-8PM, so make sure to check out the newest stunner in PDX. It’s the perfect spot to chill after a day of shopping in North Portland. 

All photos taken by Nicole Schultz for Little Shallon LLC.

The Future Is Female

Nicole Schultz

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It’s been a crazy week and a half, not gonna lie. Costa Rica was so magical (more on that a little later), but I was ready to hit the ground running when I got home. That’s what amazing vacations are for, right? It felt good to come home and know that clients still needed me, friends and family had missed me, and I had a goal list about a mile long to keep me occupied. The list has since grown to a mile and a half long, but c'est la vie. It keeps me motivated!

What’s been hard to ignore, however, is that it seems that parts of our country are going to shit. This is disturbing, but especially so when you come back from a foreign country. 

When traveling, especially internationally, I love learning about other cultures and another country’s politics. I find it fascinating how other people have chosen to go about tackling the issues we all face. When you’re immersed in that, I can’t help but think what the US has done right so far. And what it could improve upon.

Every election cycle begins another dose of healthy introspection. We hear from new voices (or the same old voices) what their ideas are for tackling the issues of our present day. It’s how democracy works.

I think it’s safe to say that this election cycle is far from what we’ve ever experienced before. On one hand, we have a candidate who could very well become the first female President this country has ever seen. On the other hand, we have…insanity.

This insanity has steeped the entire country in shock, fear, animosity, ignorance, and hatred. It has been horrible to hear racist, sexist, homophobic slurs being sputtered on national TV and throughout the internet…by thousands of people no less.

At the same rate, it has also opened up conversations as to what is appropriate and isn’t appropriate when referring to women and minorities. I opened up the discussion (willingly, I might add) on my personal Facebook page. A few couldn’t handle it and left. A few fought on. And more stood by me and what I was saying. It was exhausting. I was honestly shocked at some of the feedback I was getting. It’s 2016, people. But it just goes to show that privilege is still huge in this country, and affects everything we do and how we communicate with each other. It’s time we put everything out in the open, and demand that we all get the respect we deserve. So, without further ado, here are my suggestions for ladies and gentlemen. Speaking as a woman, I have a unique perspective on all things female (sidenote: all women do). So here goes:

Ladies: assert yourselves. Say whatever you damn please. Do whatever you damn please. Wear whatever you damn please. Sleep with whomever you damn please (as long as everyone are consenting adults). And if you...

...get called 'sensitive', 'thin-skinned', 'insane', 'royal', etc. for speaking your mind...

...get touched or spoken to in a non-consensual manner...

...are called 'bitch', 'slut', 'c**t', 'whore', 'stupid', etc...

...are told that your breasts, butt, face, mind, body are anything less than perfect...

...are being told what to do with or put in your body by anyone besides your licensed practitioners...

I want you to stand tall, put your shoulders back, and DEMAND THE RESPECT YOU DESERVE. If ALL of us hold everyone accountable and to a high standard, we can literally change the world.

Gentlemen: You are our grandfathers. You are our fathers. You are our brothers. You are our uncles. You are our husbands. You are our sons. You are our partners. In turn, we are your grandmothers. We are your mothers. We are your sisters. We are your aunts. We are your wives. We are your daughters. And we are your partners. We love you, and we can't do this alone.

The future is female.

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Behind the Cash Register | Langlitz Leathers

Nicole Schultz

Here at Little Shallon, we’re interested in small businesses. We’re a small business ourself, and passionate about, well, passion. Ultimately, passion is the secret ingredient that determines whether a business is successful. So we love stumbling across people who are bringing their passions to life through their work and sharing it with the world. 

We’re starting a series on the blog titled Behind the Cash Register, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at small businesses of all shapes and sizes and practices. We’ll take a look at what they make, how they make it, the people behind it and what makes them tick.

The first shop on the docket is a business with a rich Portland history, whose popularity spans the globe.

Langlitz Leathers on 2443 SE Division in Portland, Oregon

Langlitz Leathers on 2443 SE Division in Portland, Oregon

Langlitz Leathers is a motorcycle leather shop nestled into the Southeast Division neighborhood, and has been in business since 1947. Most Portlanders walk right on by it. I certainly had, until I was taking a stroll through the neighborhood a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist popping my head in.

The World’s Finest Motorcycle Leathers, the sign in the window claimed. A big claim which, I was soon to find out, couldn't and wouldn't ever be challenged. 

My love affair with motorcycles began during my last relationship. The very first day we spent together, he invited me to hop on the back of his oxblood ’78 Yamaha and took me to a quirky restaurant in the Richmond district of San Francisco. From that moment, I was hooked…to him... and riding. He eventually nudged me to sign up for a motorcycle class, and soon enough, I was living my dream of zipping around the bay in my little silver scooter I dubbed Silvia

Silvia and I had some great times together. She took me through the winding streets of the Presidio. We witnessed electric sunsets behind the Golden Gate Bridge. We shivered through walls of fog. One day, we hit an oil slick, and we took a tumble together. Both of us were fortunately ok, though a little scrapped and bruised and shaken. It was in that moment I really came to appreciate my leather motorcycle jacket. I could have done some serious damage to my arms and hips, and it protected me beautifully. 

Silvia and I had to part ways when I moved back to Oregon, but I still reminisce about our rides through the hills of San Francisco together. And I’ll eventually get another scooter here in Portland.

So into Langlitz I went. The barred and dingy windows weren’t exactly welcoming from the outside, but the second I opened the doors the wonderful, warm scent of leather filled the air and the gentleman behind the counter greeted me with a smile. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I realized I had walked into a miniature museum...disguised as a shop. 

The display counters that held shop memorabilia took up more space than the racks of leather jackets they had for sale. Langlitz is known throughout the motorcycle community for its custom jackets and pants. They aren’t exactly cheap, with custom leather jackets starting at around $1,000. But for any serious rider, these jackets and their fit are worth their weight in gold. 

The small selection of jackets that they have in the shop are used, but in excellent condition. If you can score a jacket that was custom fit for someone else and happens to fit you as well, you can get a Langlitz for half the price. And by owning a Langlitz, you are in an exclusive club. Each jacket has a registered serial number and the name of the original owner printed on the inside pocket. Your jacket is registered to you unless you decide to trade it in for another one. 

I can’t resist searching through the racks. The soft, smooth leather begs to be touched. The jackets come in two different styles, with various embellishments, and are made from either cow or goat leather. They are thick and heavy-duty, and made to weather a tough fall. They fit snug in the waist and reach down to your low back so they cover and protect, even when you’re leaning forward on your ride. Behind the counter, they have a stool outfitted with a motorcycle seat, so that you can see and feel how the jacket sits on your body when in riding position. Of course, I struck gold and found a true match. A perfect fit. Marina and I must be twins in another life. Or at least twins from the waist up.

Scott, the kind man from behind the counter, helped me through the fitting process. And then, seeing how elated I was (read: nerdy), he invited me to check out the rest of the shop.

Ross Langlitz and his friend

Ross Langlitz and his friend

To this day, all of the leather merchandise is hand cut and sewn in their small shop on Division St. They employ 2 cutters and 7 seamstresses to craft and create custom jackets and pants, 5 days a week. The business is still owned by the Langlitz family, and is now in the hands of Ross’ granddaughter, Judy Langlitz. And the staff is the some of the kindest, most helpful, salt-of-the-earth type people you’ll ever meet.

Of course, you don’t have the World’s Finest Motorcycle Leather shop and go unnoticed. In the front display counter, a Sky Magazine features Ralph Lauren on the cover, sporting his beloved Langlitz jacket. Legend has it that one of his assistants was flown out to Portland and took the prized jacket to Langlitz for some maintenance. Only the zipper was to be repaired. The leather was not to be treated, even though it was in desperate need of it. Lauren wanted his jacket exactly the way it was, and it was not be out of sight of his employee. The assistant sat in Langlitz while they repaired the zipper, and then was gone and back to New York, leaving as quickly as he came. A thank you letter to Langlitz Leathers from Ralph Lauren sits framed in the case.

The note reads “Thank you for your time and patience in helping to fix and preserve my favorite jacket. Best wishes, Ralph Lauren"

The note reads “Thank you for your time and patience in helping to fix and preserve my favorite jacket. Best wishes, Ralph Lauren"

Ultimately, I chose a cow leather jacket with fringe. I can just picture myself now, riding through the streets of Portland on my next scooter, the fringe swirling behind me in the breeze.

I’m an official member of the Langlitz Leather club now. And I will no doubt wear my jacket with pride. Because not only does it represent Portland history, but American history. And who doesn’t want to be in the same club as Ralph Lauren?!

Thanks for the tour guys. I’ll be back again for some leather pants soon…

All photography by Nicole Schultz for Little Shallon